Main Researchers

Alexandre Alvaro, PhD

  • Smart Cities e Internet of Things: RFID, Zigbee, NFC, Sensors and Mobility
  • Startups, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Web and Mobile Development

Fábio L Verdi, PhD
  • Internet of Things and Smart Cities
  • Internet Routing, Mobility and Next Generation Internet Architectures
  • Data Center, Cloud Computing and Green Computing

Luciana A M Zaina, PhD

  • Software Engineering: Software Reuse, Web and Mobile Development
  • User Experience and User Centered Design
  • e-Learning: Social Networks, User Interaction, and Accessibility

Murillo Rodrigo Petrucelli Homem, PhD

  • Statistical Pattern Recognition and Signal and Image Processing
  • Computer Graphics and Computational Multimedia
  • Serious Game
  • Forensic ComputingForensic Computing