LERIS - Laboratory of Studies in Networks, Innovation and Software is a research laboratory inside of  Department of Computer Science and Master Adviser of the Post-Graduation Program at Federal University of São Carlos - Sorocaba, Brazil (UFSCar).

The research projects are inserted in areas of innovation, computer networks and software engineering. LERIS researchers works for approximating the academic research to practical problems. FAPESP, CNPq and the partnership with the industry are the LERIS projects' sponsors.

The main areas of research are:

  • Internet Routing, Mobility and Next Generation Internet Architectures
  • Data Center, Cloud Computing and Green Computing
  • Internet of Things and Smart Cities
  • Startups, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Software Engineering: Software Reuse, Software Quality, Web and Mobile Development
  • User Experience and User-Centered Design
  • e-Learning
  • Statistical Pattern Recognition
  • Signal and Image Processing
  • Computer Graphics and Computational Multimedia
  • Serious Game
  • Forensic Computing

Localization and Contact: 

UFSCar - campus Sorocaba
  • Address: Rdv. João Leme dos Santos, Km 110 - Bairro Itinga -  Sorocaba - SP - Brazil
  • Phone: 55(15) 3229 - 8843
  • e-mail: verdi@ufscar.br